OPCG Committee


Ingrid Barrett
Garden Coordinator

Ingrid is a full-time, homeschool parent and avid cyclist. Ingrid was the gardening coordinator for the Cecil Street community center garden which transformed the unused sandbox to a garden as well the center’s plot at the Lillian Smith Library site. This project received the City of Toronto Healthy City Award. Ingrid also spends her time designing clothing and reclaiming furniture and gourmet cooking.

Evelyn Munro
Lead Gardener

Evelyn has lived in Deer Park for 30 years in the Brentwood Towers. Over the years she has organized very successful allotment gardens for the staff. She is a founding member of Friends of Oriole Park and is a member of the executive of the Brentwood Towers Tenants Association. She enjoys gardening and does so every summer on her 30ft balcony.

Monnette John-Buck
Member at large

Born on a tiny island in the Caribbean, Monnette has witnessed first-hand the value of community building and sharing. Her involvement in this garden project is founded in her love for community and her belief that all community members but especially young children benefit from learning about food and how it is grown and that this education will invoke appreciation for healthy eating and living. She also volunteers at a neighborhood legal clinic.




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