About Us

Our Mission:
The Oriole Park Community Garden (“OPCG”) committee is committed to facilitating the
development of a community garden for all residents of Ward 22. The garden is intended to promote principles of sustainability through sustainable gardening practices, encourage urban organic gardening, and inspire healthy living practices all the while providing a place for all residents regardless of race, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, or level of physical ability to come together and learn from each other and for new friendships to flourish between community members.

Our Objectives:
A community garden provides learning, appreciation, and activity-based opportunities for people of all ages. As such, the goals of our community garden are many, including:

• To promote healthy living, organic gardening and appreciation for nature in general
• To encourage self-reliance by growing fresh fruit and vegetables
• To encourage the usage of native plants in gardens
• To support community bonding and social interaction among community members
• To incorporate gardening and urban farming in the curriculum of local schools
• To foster an appreciation for the city’s green spaces
• To add to the beauty of Oriole Park
• To encourage “technology” vacation and detoxification
• To provide a place of refuge and relaxation

The Oriole Park Garden Committee:
Our committee is comprised of individuals from Ward 22 who have come together to act as stewards of the garden. We are working together with Councillor Matlow’s office and the Friends of Oriole Park to ensure that the Garden be a natural space for all our neighbours.

We can be contacted at: orioleparkcommunitygarden@gmail.com


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